Beginning your autism treatment journey
Together, we can do this.

Our team of dedicated and experienced ABA therapy specialists is committed to helping your family embrace autism and reach meaningful goals. As part of our multi-step approach, we offer education, support, and tools you can use to enable your child’s success.

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We build partnerships.

Parental input + professional expertise is the perfect formula for progress.

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We empower children.

Playful sessions in the home setting make learning enjoyable and convenient.

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We strengthen families.

Tailored care plans and compassionate guidance yield results that last a lifetime.

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See what real commitment looks like.

We harness the power of tiny steps. Our work is driven by our belief in a better tomorrow.

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Feel your concerns are actually being heard.

Your family has unique needs. We provide ongoing support and consultation to maximize the therapy process.

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Work with a team that is genuinely concerned.

Your child’s progress is our passion. We take pride in celebrating milestones together.

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Enjoy the benefits of superior client care.

You want the highest standard of confidentiality and accountability. We know that and always come through.

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific method of understanding behavior and how it is triggered by the environment. Behavior analysts use evidence-based methods to understand the child’s world and create an individualized treatment plan that enables mastery of critical skills.

ABA therapy interventions have helped children progress in many areas:

Following Instructions
Better Communication
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Maintaining Eye Contact
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Increasing Social
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Reducing Repetitive Movements
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Improving Emotional Regulation

ABA therapists that
love what they do.

When passion meets professional expertise, the results leave meaningful impacts on our clients and their families. BridgeCare staff are carefully selected for their education, skill, and experience in autism treatment. 

Get to know who makes that difference.

What is a BCBA?

Board Certified Behavior Analysts hold Master's degrees and pass an exam required by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. They conduct assessments, design customized client care plans, and supervise RBTs.

What is an RBT?

Registered Behavior Therapists, also known as RBTs, are paraprofessionals who work with your child in one-on-one sessions. Their work is guided by the treatment plan and closely supervised by an experienced BCBA.

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Home based ABA therapy can help your child meet their milestones.

We’re here for your family.

At BridgeCare ABA, we’re  constantly expanding our reach and range of services to offer valuable support to families like yours.

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