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Get In Touch

We fill you in on the ABA therapy process and address your questions or concerns.

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Get Evaluated

Our BCBA evaluates your child’s skill set and designs a customized care plan proposal.

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Get Approved

Our intake coordinator submits the care plan for review and approval by your insurance provider.

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Get Services

A friendly ABA therapist implements your child’s care plan under the BCBA’s supervision.

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Getting help is simpler
than you thought.

Our in-house insurance specialists are here to answer all of your insurance-related questions.

Regardless of your budget, we patiently guide you towards maximizing the benefits you are entitled to and ensure your child receives the highest quality care.

Eligibility checks

Approval for services

Coverage renewal

Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

Initial Assessment

We find a time that works for you to have the evaluation. Your child is observed by our team BCBA who uses research- based tools to understand your child’s skills, strengths, and challenges. The BCBA then designs a personalized treatment plan and recommends how many service hours are needed per week.

Parent Training

We educate and empower parents at every stage of the therapeutic process so they can respond appropriately to their children's needs and behaviors. By incorporating ABA therapy goals into the home environment, we ensure stability for your child and maximize their chances for success.

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Home-Based Therapy

An RBT visits your home regularly to help your child develop new skills. The ABA therapy process includes learning exercises, household chores, and emotional regulation techniques so your child can integrate better and improve communication with family and friends.

In-School Support

We work with your child’s educators to incorporate ABA therapy principles in school and arrange for shadow teachers, when necessary. By working as a team, we improve therapy effectiveness and enable more efficient progress across various settings.

Our Approach

Guided by our goals.
Focused on our families.

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Always tuned in.

Our BCBAs and RBTs consistently collect data to keep the care team updated with progress and findings.

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Always on target.

We constantly monitor and reevaluate the therapeutic interventions to be sure we’re meeting your child’s specific needs.

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There’s a great ABA therapy specialist waiting to meet your child.